Blockchain Implementation Strategy

Blockchain Implementation Strategy

Blockchain Implementation StrategyBlockchain Implementation StrategyBlockchain Implementation Strategy

Blockchain Implementation Strategy

Blockchain Implementation Strategy

Blockchain Implementation StrategyBlockchain Implementation StrategyBlockchain Implementation Strategy

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Executive strategy consulting on organizational design and  digital transformation to drive real innovation with advanced technologies.

We combine the best practices of Industrial psychology and design thinking with proven business strategies to transform business models and technical architecture.

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Interactive seminars and workshops span subjects including Bitcoin/Altcoins, Trading, Corporate and Industrial Applications, Banking/Fintech, Infrastructure, Government & more. Sessions range from 1 hour to 2 days, depending on the content.

We lead industry-specific sessions with Universities, Conferences, Hackathons, and Private Clients around the world revealing how Blockchain is poised to disrupt entire sectors 

(and how to stay in front of the curve).



Years of experience working with Fortune500 C-Suite teams on blockchain strategy in various sectors allows us to effectively analyze both the technical and business structure of a proposed Blockchain implementation model. 

We evaluate business model design, user incentive structure, market positioning, technical architecture/feasibility, product strategy and network effects.



Let's get you from proposal on paper to a profitable product (or pilot).

Having led blockchain projects throughout US, LatAm, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia, localized focus on your market and key stakeholders allows us to maximize market opportunity.

We work dynamically with your needs to provide assistance ranging from organizational team design to on-ground technical integrations and project management.

Case studies

General Electric GE Blockchain Crypto Cryptocurrency Strategy Corporate Innovation Consulting

The Challenge:

GE wanted to pilot an innovative new system for tokenizing Electricity (Kilowatt hours) and design a scalable framework for increasing efficiency of on-grid transactions and value transfer.

The Solution:

Identify a fitting region that culturally and financially fits with the ideals of "Community Solar", and design a value flow of Dollar investment, energy transference, grid balancing, and hard asset ownership (leased Solar panels).  

Kilowatt hours could be represented in a proprietary tokenization model, allowing the network to interact with dollar-value transactions on a regulated cost basis.

The Benefit:

Once onboarded and active, community members could avail more efficient payment methods for their electricity, and could partake in the long term acquisition and growth of sustainable power with solar.

SwissRe Reinsurance Blockchain Cryptocurrency Crypto Corporate Innovation Blockchain Consulting

The Challenge:

SwissRe wanted to explore ways of offering micro-insurance to low income farmers in rural Africa - a previously untapped and unprotected demographic.  

The Solution:

We designed an architecture for using satellite data imagery with global topographical overlays (geofences)  to execute blockchain Smart Contracts that integrate with local payment gateways.

Satellite inputs would determine the severity of drought (and therefore payment), preset geofences would validate location of the land to the insured farmer, and Smart Contracts would autonomously remit payment  in local currency.

The Benefit:

With blockchain automation and deliberate network integration, the Insurers Auditing and Claims departments were relieved of much of their overhead, allowing cost-basis to drop such that microinsurance offerings would be financially feasible for small income farmers. 

Client Testimonial

"His vast knowledge of Operations, IT, Data, Voice and Telecommunications sets him aside from many. It was a pleasure working with Tristan, and hope to do further projects with him in the future!"

- R. Rusoff, Senior Project Manager, Essensys

Tristan Thoma, Managing Director

Tristan specializes in assessing, developing and implementing innovative business models that leverage blockchain & transformative technology. Working throughout US, Europe and Africa, he plays a critical role in structuring business and technical solutions for corporate or government systems.

Tristan has led executive design and execution strategy for Salesforce, GE, SwissRe and Hyperloop, as well as with startup innovators in industries including Asset Management, Supply Chain, IOT, Biotech, Transportation, Gaming, Sports, Real Estate, and Trading.

With a background in Organizational Psychology and IT Systems Management, Tristan started his work in the Blockchain space in 2015. Leading winning teams at The World Bank’s Global Ideas for Action competition and 1st-prize at the 2017 & 2018 Consensys Hackathons, he is passionate about Blockchain’s potential for social impact and sustainability. Tristan has been a featured keynote speaker at NYU, Rutgers MBA & CUNY Universities, and at Blockchain conferences around the world with the aim to increase understanding and use of technology to solve the world's most pressing issues.


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